‘BiKO’ Live

This Song is rooted in a historical Vacum, inspired as a resolve to address some emotions born out of the Biafran War, the yearning for peace and salvation in the absence of mercy. It is about the hope that endures and the feeling of Surrender that soothes the aching spirit.
Thank you Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Adiche and Seyi Awolesi for inspiring this piece.xx


12.12.12 Cosmic Alignment

12.12.12 Cosmic Alginment

Cosmic Tones

Tie a ribbon round my soul
And present the gift of existence
At the nucleus of a cosmic moment
As the eternal current pushes through the veil of enchantment

Crystal ripples refracting the essence of fallen stars
As the night embraces the day
Worries are cast away
Floating across the surface of time

Lucid melodies birth fertile memories
As the moment quickens
Rebirth is eminent in the scale of awareness
Blossoming in the womb of divine order
Coated in the mild euphoria of eternal wonder.

© Bumi Thomas 12.12.2012

‘Fall to Grace’ The one and only Paloma Faith

A moment drenched in the effeminate personification of timeless beauty wearing only silk veils of melody

Sprites and Butterflies

Sprites and Butterflies

01102012. Independence Returns. Guest Project Africa

Guest Projects Africa

Following the success of the Royal Opera House Africa Weekend curated by Yinka Shonibare MBE, Guest Projects will launch Guest Projects Africa.


Guest Projects is an initiative conceived by Shonibare Studio

Guest Projects offers the opportunity for artistic practitioners, of any artistic discipline (dance, visual arts, music, etc.), to have access to a free project and exhibtion space for 1 month.

Alongside Regent’s Canal, Guest Projects at 1 Andrews Road E8 4QL, provides an alternative universe and playground for artists. It is a laboratory of ideas; a testing ground for new thoughts and actions.

Showcasing cutting edge African Art forms, Guest Projects Africa creates a platform for African artists of all disciplines including spoken word, dance, fashion, architecture, visual arts, and more.

For application details please contact info@guestprojects.com with the email subject ‘Guest Projects Africa 2013 Submissions’.

#GuestProjectsAfrica on Twitter


Autum Hues

Pale white sun beams glide across the surface, casting shadows that echo the dawn.Life’s compulsion, a beautiful affliction punctuated by the vivid rhythm of melodies intertwined
…I rise with a new mind.


Jim Naughton’s Re Enactment Series



This  collection of re-enactment portraits is really Amazing!. Jim Naughten  is extremely talented at capturing the spirit of the past with his selection of sitters that truly breathe life into the characters and era he is depicting through their posture, choice of costume and more convincingly their expressions. His painterly take on photography has echoes of Rembrandt’s distinctive use of emotion and the psychology of the  character to create timeless, highly provocative paintings with the power to seize attention.