Cucumber sands

The atmosphere is rich with hope as the landscapes become more vivid  with each day. The cold biting frost of winter is but a long forgotten memory as a renewed vigour for life emerges majestically.

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Its all about the Zing of spring, radiant ripples blossoming across all layers of life. What a beautiful day 4 right about anything + 2 write about anything =¬† The Balanced Equation. In this case Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a wonderful world’ plays buoyantly on my mind, over rooftops and through concrete walls, perching on the […]

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On Organic Music

There is a rise in emergence of Organic artists in the Musosphere, a certain nostalgia that can be likened to the yearning for summer in autumn rain… Michael Kiwanuka has filled this void with his rich vocal tone and melodic intricacies delivered with a beautiful simplicity that takes the listener into a state of warm […]

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Fusia Frequency

Fusia Frequency is essentially about the power of the pigment and its ability to stimulate emotion, desire and memory through its vibrant hues and sensual tones that radiate across the senses. I love fashion photography and its underlying function, which is to push the boundaries of representation and reality. I have been photo blogging for […]

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