3 weeks

Parallel lines intertwined By the  pull of the soul Pure connection That rises above  the boundaries proposed by space time and area codes. My Brother, Black gold of the Sun The chosen one emanating the dialect of inspiration your vibration speaks volumes even in the comfort of silence It is always a pleasure to see […]

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Black Orchid

Black Orchid

MALIA’s Rendition of ‘MY Baby just cares for me’  is Simply stunning… What an evocative  take on the great Nina Simone, Raw, Stylised, Strong, Sensual Energy. What an exceptional artist and Creative team!

Director- Anne Weigel-anneweigel.net Production-  Hunger


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Crushed Petals

How do you capture the scent of falling rain penetrating the ethereal plains? how do you recreate the taste of scented petals infused with the essence of dew droplets?

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