‘BiKO’ Live

This Song is rooted in a historical Vacum, inspired as a resolve to address some emotions born out of the Biafran War, the yearning for peace and salvation in the absence of mercy. It is about the hope that endures and the feeling of Surrender that soothes the aching spirit. Thank you Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda […]

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12.12.12 Cosmic Alignment

Cosmic Tones Tie a ribbon round my soul And present the gift of existence At the nucleus of a cosmic moment As the eternal current pushes through the veil of enchantment Crystal ripples refracting the essence of fallen stars As the night embraces the day Worries are cast away Floating across the surface of time […]

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Cucumber sands

The atmosphere is rich with hope as the landscapes become more vividĀ  with each day. The cold biting frost of winter is but a long forgotten memory as a renewed vigour for life emerges majestically.

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