Breaking the Silence

#Breaking the Silence Hi Everyone, Hope you are staying safe in these uncertain times. We are reminded of the need to be mindful, showing compassion through sensitivity and solidarity. I have received many calls and messages since the guardian article was published on July 7th. Thanks for your support and concern. I am writing to […]

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Autumn Hues

Pale white sun beams glide across the surface, casting shadows that echo the dawn.Life’s compulsion, a beautiful affliction punctuated by the vivid rhythm of melodies intertwined …I rise with a new mind.

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Crushed Petals

How do you capture the scent of falling rain penetrating the ethereal plains? how do you recreate the taste of scented petals infused with the essence of dew droplets?

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Its all about the Zing of spring, radiant ripples blossoming across all layers of life. What a beautiful day 4 right about anything + 2 write about anything =  The Balanced Equation. In this case Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a wonderful world’ plays buoyantly on my mind, over rooftops and through concrete walls, perching on the […]

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On Organic Music

There is a rise in emergence of Organic artists in the Musosphere, a certain nostalgia that can be likened to the yearning for summer in autumn rain… Michael Kiwanuka has filled this void with his rich vocal tone and melodic intricacies delivered with a beautiful simplicity that takes the listener into a state of warm […]

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     I love organic shapes and textures that mimic nature, so it was a great pleasure to work with the Brand N’damus who specialise in handmade leather bags and accessories. It was a really special day on the  broken wharf of London town thanks to Karl Lake  an amazing photographer with a prolific eye […]

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